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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Jennie's first update!

Just a quick post to update you all on Jennie's progress.

Jennie left for Poland early last Sunday (09/01) and arrived at her hotel with no complications. She was admitted to hospital the next day where she underwent preoperative scans. These revealed that both jugular veins were blocked, one 100% and the other 70%, meaning she'd need to have 2 stents inserted to alleviate the blockage. Surgery was scheduled for Tuesday 11th Jan.

After waiting all day (due to an ER crisis) Jennie finally went in for her 2 hr operation at 7pm last night. We waited anxiously by the phone, receiving a call at 9pm from Jennie herself. Her eyesight had already improved by that point and Jennie was in good spirits.

This morning she found her mobility had improved, and she was able to better lift her legs. Jennie remains in hospital today, but she'll be discharged this evening and home tomorrow.

It's early days yet but initial signs are positive and we remain optimistic about her recovery! Thank you once again to everyone who made this possible. More updates to follow!